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Oh my God in Vaikunta

Oh  my God  in Vaikunta

Translated by

(When I read  it in Tamil, I realized that  they  are  the 12 names , we  are supposed  to touch different parts  of out torso  , using  our five fingers .It was   a great challenge    to find 12 different words to summon  the  God  like the tamil  image that  I am enclosing .I hope you will   agree   that to a large extent  I have succeeded. Thanks   to my daughter Thankam   who posted  it in Whatsapp)

Called   I  , “oh Kesava,”
He  removed all  my problems in a second,
Wished    I, “Oh Narayana”
You  filled  my home  with prosperity
Summoned   I, “Oh Madhava,”
You came  before me   with a  bewitching  smile,
Babbled  I , “Oh Govinda “
You  attached   yourself in my thoughts like  Feviquick,
Shouted  I , “”Oh Vishnu”,
You stood there   from earth to sky,
Cried  I, “Oh Madhusudana”
You spread all  over my mind like scent.
Desired  I “Oh TRivikrama”,
You made   your name echo  everywhere,
Hollered  I, “Oh Vamana “.
You stood as guard  to me in this  cheating world,
Phoned  I  , “ Hello Sridhara”,
You were  imprisoned  in the jail of my mind,
Murmured  I, “Oh Hrishi kesa”,
You made me  go round you like  a  humming bee,
Texted I  “Oh Padmanabha”,
You   freed me from all  attachments,
Whatsapped  L , “Oh Damodara “
You made me realize , that  you are  the lord of dharma

Oh  Universal  being , If  I daily  pray  you ,
Using  these names , you  would  lead  me to salvation

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Solve all your problems by worshiping Lord Guruvayurappan

Solve all   your problems  by worshiping  Lord Guruvayurappan

Procedure  for Worship of  Lord Gruvayurappan

Sengalipuram  Anantha Rama  Deekshithar

( This is taken from Deekshithars  Jaya  Mangala stotram. Deekshithar   says that  this powerful worship  procedure   can be followed  by any person including ladies  and boys   .All that   they need is a  photo of  Lord Guruvayurappan , few flowers   for worship and a small   quantity  of cow’s milk   and fruits   for naivedyam .  He further   says that  it would be extremely effective    in getting problems  due to planets solved,.He also mentions that  it would be a great help in curing  knee pain,  deafness , rheumatism etc..He says   if  devotees doing this pooja can hear   or read Narayaneeyam   it would be doubly effective)

1.Shuklam baradaram  Vishnum  , sasi varnam chathurbujam,
Prasanna vadanam dhyayeth  , sarva vighna  upa santhaye

Oh peaceful one wearing  dress of white,
Who is the colour  of moon and has   four hands,
I meditate  on your  pleased   face   and pray to you,
Please    remove all  obstacles   of this worship

(if  this pooja is being done by  a Brahmin man   whose Yajnopavitha(sacred thread)   is over, he   should do  Om bhoo)

2.Mamopartha samastha   duritha kshaya dwaraa , sri  Parameswara  preethyartham  ,
Sri Guruvatha  pureesa  prasada  sidhyartham ,
Thath prasadena   Mama  Jathake   sambootha,
Vishnu saapa  , Nava graha doshadhi  nivruthyartham ,
Chinthitha sakala   manoradha sidhyartham ,
Sarrera   sthitha   samastha   roga  nivruthyartham  ,
Sri guruvatha  pureesa   poojaam karishye

For getting rid of all the problems   that face me  . for pleasing  Lord Shiva ,
For getting   the  pleasure  of the Lord  of Guruvayur,
For pleasing him  , for getting rid  curse of Lord  Vishnu , for getting rid  of problems created by the nine planets,
For   getting fulfilled all   the desires   that I can think of  ,
For getting cured  of all diseases   that are  present in my body,
I am performing   the worship of   the  Lord of Guruvayur

Pour drops of   water   near the picture of lord guruvayurappan

Asanam samapayami – i am offering you seat
Padhayo padhyam  samarpayaami- I am giving you   water to wash your feet
Arghyam samarpayami –I am offering water   as respect to the guest
Achamaneeyam samarpayami-I am offering water   for your inner  purification
Snanam  Samarpayami – I offer you bath
Snana anantharam  Achamaneeyam samarpayami – I offer you water   for inner purification    after   your bath

Then on offer materials indicated:-
Vasthra  yajopavitha , uthareeya  , aabharanaarthe  yime Akshatha – I am offering you Akshatha( rice which wil not germinate)   for the sake of your dress  , sacred thread , upper cloth   as well as ornaments
Gandhaan Sharayaami-I  am applying sandal paste to you
Haridra   choornam samarpayaami –I  am offering you turmeric powder
Akshathaan samarpayami – I am giving you akshatha
Pushpani  Samarpayami  -I am offering you flowers , chanting   the following names

Om kesavaya nama- Om Salutations to Kesava
Om Narayanaya nama-  Om Salutations to God Narayana
Om Madhavaya  nama-  Om salutations   to God Madhava
Om Govindaya nama-Om salutations    to God Govinda
Om Vishnave nama-  -Om salutations   to God Vishnu
Om Madhu sudanaya nama- Om salutations to God Madhusudana
Om Trivikramaya  nama- Om Salutations to God Trivikrama
Om Vamanaya  nama- Om salutations   to God Vamana
Om Sridharaya  nama- Om Salutations to God   Sridhara
Om Hrishikesaya  nama-  Om salutations  to God Hrishikesa
OM Padmanabhaya  nama-Om Salutations to God  Padmanabha
Om Damodaraya  nama- Om salutations  to God Damodara
Om Kalou prathyaksha phaladhayai nama- Om Salutations to God who gives  observable results in Kali age
Om Sarva roga  nivarakaya  naa- Om salutations to God who cures all  diseases
Om Puthra phala pradhayai nama- Om Salutations to God  who grants us sons
Om Pundareekakshaya  nama-Om Salutations to God    with lotus eyes
Om purushothamaya  nama- Salutations to God who is greatest among males
OM Punya slokaya  nama- Salutations to God with   very great reputation
Om Udhavaadhi poojithayai nama- Salutations to God who was worshipped  by Udhava   and others
Om Guruvatha  pureesaayai nama- Om salutations to  Lord of city of Guruvayur

  (Sengalipuram suggests   to  use  Krishna  ashtitharam  , on Pooja during Rohini Nakshatram   days offering paal payasam as Naivedyam  –this is given in )

Nana vidha  manthra pushpani  Samarpayami
I offer God several type of flowers

Depending offerings to god being offered  , manthra  will change . You can just offer  cow’s milk and fruits .Then  you have to keep cows milk  in one cup and fruits before the photo and  say

Idham phalam  , goksheeram  maha  naivedhyam nivedhayaami  (Other  Naivedyams   which can  be offered to Guruvayurappan are  Gula boopam- Neyyappam, Ksheera Payayam –Pal payasam. Navaneetham-butter  , Brudhukam -  Aval , Gula Annam-SArkarai  pongal)

Nivedya anantharam  AAchamaneeyam samarpayyami –Pour a drop of water- after my offerings, i offer   water  for inner  cleaning

Karpoora  THamboolam samarpayami(lighted  camphor  is shown)

Neerajanam , sumangalyam koti soorya  prakasakam,
Aham bhakthyaa  pradhaasyaami , sweekurushva   dhayanidhe

I am offering  very auspicious    spotless light which shines like  one crore  suns,
This I am doing with great devotion, Oh treasure of mercy, please   accept

SAmasthaparadha kshamaapanaartham, sarvva mangala prapthyarthamkarppora neeranjanam darsayami.
I am showing   you  the flame of camphor  for pardoning all  my mistakes   as well as to get all  
Auspicious   results

Neeranjanantharam aachamneeyam samarpayami (pour one drop of water) I am offering water   for your  inner cleaning, after showing you the camphor flame

Go round the photo or rotate standing in same place  and chant

Yani kani cha paapaani , janmanthara  kruthaani cha,
Thani thani  vinasyanthi pradakshina padhe padhe

All the sins that  I may have committed, in this birth and earlier ones,
Would   get destroyed with every step  of my Pradakshina(going round)

Salute   the God saying

Krishnaya   vasudevaya, devaki nandanaaya  cha,
Nanda gopa kumaraya, govindaaya  namo nama

Oh Krishna      who is the son of Vasudeva   as well asjanaki,
Who is the son of nanda gopa , salutations and salutations to you Govinda

Nama pankaja naabhaaya, nama pankaja  maaline,
Nama pankaja nethraaya namasthe pankajangraye

Salutations to lotus eyed one , salutations  to one who wears lotus garland ,
Salutations to him who has lotus like eyes and salutations to him who has lotus like feet

Hrudhyam poornanukamp arnava mrudhu lahari, chanchala bru vilasai,
Aanila snighdascha pakshmavali pari lasitham nethra yugmam  vibho they,
Saandhrachchayam visaalaruna kamala dalakaramaamukdhathaaram,
Karunya loka leelaa  sisiritha bhuvanam kshipyathaam mayya  naadhe

It is very satisfying    to see the soft waves of your complete  sympathy  shown by the beauty of your moving eyes,
Oh lord  your pair  of eyes    and eye lashes  are   shining    with darkness  and sweetness   ,
Which are  like the petals of lotus flower   shining  in the evening  purple  light of the sun,
And my lord , they are  playing with mercy  and would reach the autumn world with speed.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Verses of salutation to Guruvayurappan in Malayalam

Vandana  Slokangal (Malayalam)
(Verses  of salutation to  Guruvayurappan)

Translated by

1.Yivanoru bandhu   guruvayurappa,
Avidunnu allathilla avaniyil

I   do not have  a relation Guruvayurappa ,
Except you in this world.

2.Avanam   cheyyane   , karuna varidhe,
Avasanayium   adiyane

Give protection  , ocean of mercy,
To this your lowly person    who is  tired.

3.Adimayaayidum  adiyan ninnude ,
Adi malar   thannil amarunnen

This lowly person    who is your slave ,
Am sitting below your   flower like feet.

4.Kadaka bhooshitha  kara  pallavathaal,
Udanadi vannu    thazhukane

Immediately please   hug me   with,
Your flower like hand wearing a   bracelet

5.Thudu thude  minnum   thava trulkkaladi,
Adiyende hruthil vilayaaddan.
6.Kudu kude   krupa choriyane  Krishnaa,
Kadal varnaa  , kannaa  kamalaakshaa

With your divine feet  which glitters like light  ,
Do play in the mind  of this lowly person,
And with great speed  shower  mercy on him  ,
Oh Krishna  of the colour of the ocean , Oh Kanna   with lotus like eyes

7.Athi bhayanaka    bhava   sagarathil,
Valarum  prabdha  mudala  than,
8.Kadiyethu dukham   perugunnu  mama.
Manatharil   eesaa  karunathman.

Having bitten by the crocodile of suffering ,
Which grows in the extremely   fearsome ocean of  Karma ,
My    sorrow   is   increasing   in my mind,
Oh God, who is    the soul  of kindness  and mercy.

9.Parama purusha   , kaar mukhil varna,
Muruhara   Krishna  , paramathman,
10.Thiru manassalinji ivane vegam nee,
Kara  kethheedane, jagadheesa.

Oh Divine  God  , who is of the colour  of black cloud,
Oh Krishna   who killed Mura, Oh divine soul,
Please make your divine mind melt and with speed ,
Make   me   climb safely  to the shore , Oh God  of universe.

11.Paravasa dheena  gajamai   thaazhum jnan,
Paritha pavana  Bhagawane,
12,Manam akunnathaam nalina syunathe,
Nala mode   thava  padha tharil,
13,Karunamarppichu, karunaa saagara  ,
Thiru nama   roopin madhu ripo.

Me who  am getting  drowned as the tired   suffering  elephant,
Oh God who destroys sorrows of   those   suffering,
I am surrendering, the tender shining  object called my mind,
Completely   under   your feet  ,
Oh ocean of mercy , showing   mercy,
Oh God    with divine  name   who was   the enemy of Madhu.

14,Jani mruthi hara , hari narayana ,
Nikhilathman , Guro , parmesa,
15.Charana  pankajam  hrudayathil minni,
Thiru namam paadi yanu dhinam.

Oh God who destroys  birth after  death ,oh Hari, Oh Narayana  ,
Who is the soul of everywhere, Oh Guru,  , oh divine  God,
Your lotus like feet shines in my mind,
And daily I am singing    your divine name.

16.Marudalayathil anisam   vaazhuvaan,
Karuna    cheyyane pavanesa.

Oh Lord of Guruvayur , please show   mercy on me,
So that I can always  live  in the temple of  Guruvayurappan

17.Govinda  Hari , Govinda  Hari,
Govinda  Hari , Govinda  Hari,

 Oh Govinda   oh Hari , Oh Govinda  oh Hari,
Oh Govinda  Oh Hari , Oh Govinda  OH Hari

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Saranam, saranam Bhagavane- A malayalam prayer

  Saranam, saranam  Bhagavane- A malayalam prayer 
(I surrender   and surrender to you oh God)

Translated  by

(A pretty  prayer  to Lord  Ayyappa)

Saranam saranam BHagawane,
Saranagatha  vathsalanaam Bhagawane,
Arivillathavarane  Bhagawane ,
Pizhakal  porukkanam  Bhagawane,

I surrender and surrender to you oh God,
Oh God who likes people who come and surrender to him,
I am an ignorant  person, Oh God,
Please  pardon my mistakes, Oh God

Maranam vareyum nin thiru namam,
Mananam  cheyyanam  Bhagawane,
Madana  hara  soono  Bhagawane,
Madhu soodana  sootha  bhagawane

Till I   attain my death , I should be chanting,
Your divine name in my mind , Oh God,
Oh God who is the son of killer of God of love ,
Oh God who is the  son of killer  of Madhu

Makara  jyothiyaam Bhagawane
Mama jeevan prananaam BHagawane,
Kari mukha   sahajanaam bhagawane  ,
Kali yuga varadanaam bhagawane

Oh God    who is the lustrous  flame of Makaram month,
Oh God who  is the soul  of my soul,
Oh God who is the friend  of elephant faced God,
Oh God who grants  boons during kali age

Karpoora  jyothuyaam Bhagawane,
Kai thozhaam  kai thozhaam Bhagawane
Saranam saranam  Bhagawane,
Saranagatha  vathsalanaam bhagawane
Oh God who is light  of   the flame of camphor,
I am saluting you , saluting you oh God
I surrender and surrender to you oh God,
Oh God who likes people who come and surrender to him.

Kanya Kumari Sthuthi (Malayalam)

Kanya  Kumari  Sthuthi (Malayalam)

Translated by

1.Amme bhagwathi , nithya kanye devi,
Yende mel kadakshikka, kumbidunnen

Oh mother Goddess ,  Goddess  who is forever maid,
Please  throw your  glances on me, I am saluting you

2.Maaye, jagathinde  thaaye, chidananda  ,
Priye maheswari  kumbidunnen

Oh Goddess Illusion , oh mother  of universe ,
She  who loves  divine bliss , I am saluting you

3.Baale, chathur veda  moola  manthrakshari,
Mele  mele nine  kumbidunnen

Oh Goddess Bala , whose name  consists of basic letters of Vedas ,
I again and again  am saluting you.

4.Omkara  kootile painkili paithale  ,
Nin kaalinaayithaa  kumbidunnen

Oh infant   bird  of the nest  of the sound om,
I am saluting   aiming    at your feet.

5.Naan mukhan than mukha pankaja  vasini,
Naan mara  kaathale  Kumbidunnen

Oh Goddess who stays  in lotus like face  of Brahma  ,
Who is the most important part of four Vedas , I am saluting you.

6.Nanaa nigamodhyathil  madhichittu,
Gaanam muzhakkunna  kokilame,
Bhargaviyayathum  parvathiyayathum,
Durga  bhagawathi nee thaanallo

Oh koel   which is booming out a song ,
After  playing    well in the various   sasttras,
Are   you not the one   who is Parvathi ,
Bhargavi   as well as Durga  Bhagawathi

7.Moorthigal moovarum devatha  sangamum,
Karthyayani   sakthi  nee thaanallo,
Chaya  swaroopini,  chaithanya  karini,
Maayaa maye   devi kumbidunnen.

You are   the  trinity  of Gods, assembly of devas .
And the  power of goddess Karthyayini  ,
You are  the one who has the form of shadow  and one who has innate  power,
Oh Illusion spread   every where, Oh goddess  I am saluting you.

8.Lokam chamaykkayum , rakshichazhikkayum,
Lokeswari ninde leelayallo,
Baale, manonmani , ponnamme ninnude,
Leelayil jnan anuvu  thane

Oh  goddess of the world  , creation of the world ,
Its upkeep and destruction  are  your sports,
Oh Baala, Oh wish giving gem , Oh golden mother ,
In your sports  , I am but an atom.

9.Thanonnu cheyyathe , sarvam  cheitheedunna,
Dheena  dhayolo . thozhnnen ninne,
Brahmanda kodikalum  sevichidunna ,
Brahma swaroopini  kumbidunnen.

Without doing any thing personally   but doing everything,
You   are  merciful to the suffering, and I am saluting you,
Oh  goddess  who has form similar to Lord Brahma  ,
And is served by crores  of this universe  , I am saluting you.

10.Lutham kanakke bhuvanam chamakkunna,
Maathaave  nin padham  kumbidunnen,
Kali karali, Mahalakshmi  Sankari,
Nalika  lochane  kumbidunnen.

Oh mother   who creates   the world  ,
Just like a  spider  , I salute   your feet,
Oh Kali , oh formidable one , Oh Goddess Lakshmi  , Oh Sankari,
Oh Goddess  with lotus like   eyes, I am saluting you

11.Kaumari , sankada  nasini , bhaskari,
BHeemathmaje , nine kumbidunnen,
AApathu neekki  thuna  chiykennambike,
Nin pathu   sampathu nalgeedenam

Oh Kaumari, destroyer of sorrows, She who shines like sun,
She who is a  great daughter , I salute you,
Oh mother  remove the dangers and help me,
Please grant me ten  types of prosperity

Sri Guruvatha pureesa stotram

Sri Guruvatha pureesa  stotram
(Prayer   to lord of city of  Guruvayur)


(a very unusual  prayer  to Lord of Guuvayur , which has used  several  Vedic prayers )

1.Sarve bhavanthu sukhina, sarva bhavanthu  niramaya,
Sarve bhadrani  pasyanthu , maa kaaschith    dukha  bag bhaveth

Let every one lead  a pleasant life, Let every one be healthy ,
Let  every one  be seen as safe and let no one  undergo sorrow

2.Bhave bhave  yada  bhakthi , padayo sthava  jayathe ,
Thadhaa  kurushva devesa nadha  sthvam  no   yathra  prabho

Let every one  become   devoted   to your   feet,
Please get this done  this oh God of devas ,there is no lord like you oh lord

3.Nama sangeerthanam  yasya sarva  papa pranasanam,
Pranamo    dukha  samnam tham namami  harim , harim param

Singing  of his names    would destroy   all sins ,
Saluting him would remove all   sorrows and i salute  that Hari  again and again

4.Namosthuthe  maha  yogin prapanna manusaadhi maam,
Yadha  sthvath  charanamboje rathisyaa dhana  paayini.

Salutations to you oh great Yogi , I am completely surrendering to you,
And when I  surrender to your lotus like feet, I rapidly move towards  prosperity

5.Yathra yathra  mama  chitha  pankajam,
Thathra  thathra komalam  vapu,
6.Yathra  yathra  mama vaak  prakasathe ,
Thathra  thathra   thava  nama santhathi.

As and when  my mind becomes like  a lotus,
Then  I keep on seeing your form,
As and when my  words shine,
Then  I go on chanting your name.

 7.Majjanma  phalamidham  madhu kaidabhare  ,
Mad prathaneeya , madanugraha yesha  yeva,
8.Thwad bruthya , thwad  bruthya paricharaka  bruthya  bruthya,
Bruthyasya   bruthya   ithi maam smara  loka  Nadha,

Oh killer  of Madhu and  Kaidabha, this is the result  of my life,
My prayers  ,  the blessings   that I got,
I am  your servant  , your servant  ,one who does you service to you  , servant, servant,
Servant of servants, I feel  like that oh lord of the world.

9.Kayenavacha Manasendryrva budhyatmanava  prakrithai swabhawat,
Karomi yadyat sakalam parasmai narayanayethi samarpayam,

I offer all that I do,
To Lord Narayana,
Whatever I do with my body,
Whatever I do with my mind,
Whatever I do with my brain,
Whatever I do with my soul,
And whatever I do with natures help

10.Anyadha   saranama  naasthi thwameva  saranam  mama,
Thasmad  Karunya bhavena Raksha  Raksha  Guruvayupuresa

Except   you I do not have   any other place to surrender,
And so taking mercy do please  protect me  , oh lord of Guruvayur

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Suprabatham for baby Krishna in Malayalam

Suprabatham  for  baby Krishna in  Malayalam

Translated by

(I have read   several Suprabathams(waking up songs of  Gods)  but this song,
Which tries  to wake up   the little  baby Krishna , brought   tears to my eyes.)

Govinda Hari, Govinda Hari, Govinda Hari, Govinda Hari,
Govinda Hari, Govinda Hari, Govinda Hari, Govinda Hari,

Sachidananda  , kar mukil varna,
Nidra vittu ezhunethaalum,
Suprabatham vilikkunnu  kunje ,
Susmitham nee chorinjaalum.

Oh  divine  joy who is of the   colour of black cloud,
Please wake   up from your  sleep,
Oh baby, good morning  is calling you,
Please shower  your pretty   smile

Kalindi thennal vannithaa,
Kathil moolunnu ninde  naamangal,
Kunjinnu choodaan peeliyumai,
Vannu nilkunnu kekikal.

The breeze  from river Yamuna  is wafting,
And it hums your  names  in my ears ,
The pea cocks   are coming   and standing here,
With feather  for the  little baby to wear

Unnikku kani konna poovukal,
Kinkinikal orukkunnu,
Unni, sooryan unatnithaa  vaanil,
Manja  pattu virikkunnu

The ixora flowers  of VIshu kani,
Are   arranging  bells for you little one,
Oh little one, the  sun g has woken  up in the sky,
And it is spreading   yellow  silk there.

Nandanaa ninnodu othu  koothaadaan,
Nandini kutti kezhunnu,
Vennayum paalum theyyarai,
Mani vannan unni ezhunekkunnu,

Oh child , for jumping   and playing with you ,
The  calf of Nandini  cow is anxious.
The butter   and the  milk   is ready,
And the child of the  colour of the gem is waking up

Gopi charthikkan Radhika thottu,
Gopikamaar  oozham kaakkunnu,
Ammakku nenju vingunnu,
Kunje amminja paal  nukarnnalum

For marking your forhead  with Gopi mark ,
Gopis along with Radha   are waiting  their turn,
Your mother’s breasts  are  paining,
Oh little one, please  drink  her breast milk.

Odi vannu  madiyil keraan , omana  kutta  vaikalle,
SAchidananda  kar mukhil varna . nidra vittu yezhunettalum.

 Do not make it late   to come running    to sit on my lap,
Oh divine joy  of the colour of black cloud , please  get up from your sleep.