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Guru Sthavaraja

Guru Sthavaraja
(The king of prayers addressed to Guru)

Veda Vyasa

Translated by

(Sage Brihaspathi  , who is the Guru of all devas  is an auspicious planet   who controls, intelligence, wisdom, marriage   and fruitfulness of journey.   In certain Rasis  he is weak   and  at that time prayer  addressed to  him would help us  get rid of the problems  . Thprayer taken from Brihad dharma purana   is considered as  the king of prayers addressed to Brihaspathi and if chanted  would increases our intelligence and wisdom, help us   in early settlement of marriage   and would make our journey fruitful.)
1,Sri Vyasa Uvacha
.Adha vakshye  guru stotram  , jabale   srunu  khadhyathe
1.Sage Vyasa  told
I will now tell you  the  prayer  addreesed to Lord Guru,
Oh Jabali, please   hear  it   and   use it.
2.Devacharyo  , gurur ,  jeeva  , kamaneeya  ,  sureswara,
Vachaspathi , pandithascha  sarva sasthra vara   sura
2.Teacher of devas , Guru  , Soul , pretty one , lord of devas ,
Lord of speech  , learned one  , expert in all Sastras, deva
3.Dhishano  , gheeshpathir,  brahma  , brahmanascha  Bruhaspathi ,
Sriman aangeerasas thara-vallabho  , jeevana pradha
3.Intellectual , learned man, One who is like Brahma  , Brahmin , Lord of prayer ,
Auspecious one  , son of sage Aangiras  , consort of THara  , one who grants livelihood
4.Jyeshto , jyeshta graho , vijno   Dhanur meenadhipo,  jaya ,
Shubha –graho  , yajna kartha,  kruthee ,  Chithra sikhandija
4.Elder one  , elder planet , wise person , Lord of Dhanu and Meena Rasi , one who is victorious  ,
Auspecious planet  , One carries out fire sacrifice, one who gets things done  , One who has an ornamental rosary.
Phala sruthi
5.Namanyethani jeeevasya  paadhyaani   saptha vimsathi  ,
Budhi –vrudhi  -karanyahu   prasadena  Brihaspathi
6.This verse   containing   twenty seven names of Sage Guru,
Would  increase the intelligence  due to the grace of Brihaspathi
6,Brahmano, Veda Vijna syadh   anyeshaam   swochitham  phalam,
Yathrayam  mangalaschapi  , sthavarajo  Brihaspathi
6.To the Brahmin , experts in Vedas  and all others the result   would be that suitable  to themselves,
And The  journey would  be made   auspicious  , by this king of prayers addressed to Brihaspathi.

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Vinay Kumar Vaidya said...

Dear Sir,
Your hard work is greatly commendable.
And I deeply feel this should be preserved and bring fruit. I had earlier suggested you about adding the original text in Sanskrit or at least the IAST scripted version of the same. Because sometimes reading the roman scripted words are not correctly pronounced or understood and that sure affects your purpose, -I believe. Here is a post I wrote specially to bring my point at home.
You say you are old, but I think I too am very old, and your work should really help all. That will not happen, if you spare your efforts.
Pranama and Regards .