Thursday, January 28, 2016

Go Grasa Slokam (Prayer to feed grass to the cow.)

Go Grasa  Slokam
(Prayer   to feed  grass  to the cow.)

    Hindu religion believes that Cow  is the most scared  animal , which  protects us  .

            The Dharma Sastras tell us that  if we are  not  able to perform Sradha  to our ancestors due  to   reasons  beyond our control  , we can on that   day , feed  fresh grass  to feed    the cow  and please  our  ancestors.

          Also  When in The horoscope  Shukra(Venus)   is in Kanya Rasi   where  it is Neecha   or   when it is in the house  of Sun(Simha rasI)  or  when it is in   the house  of moon (Karkidaka  Rasi) ,  which positions  indicate the Curse  of Cow  and  evil  effects like  great delay in marriage ,  sorrowful family  life due to domestic quarrels  etc would be felt.  , These  bad effects can be got rid of by feeding   Green grass  to a cow. There  is a simple procedure   for this.

1.Pray the cow   chanting this prayer  and offer it grass  to eat.

Saurameyya  , sarva hithaa ,
Pavithra punyarasaya,
Prathigrhnam  thwimam ,
Gava  sthrilokhya  Mathara

Let  the cow  , which is the  mother  of three  worlds,
Who  is   from divine  cow Kamadhenu,
Who  does   good to all  , who is pure,
And who  is the  personification  of blessed deeds,
Accept   this   grass  from me.

2.Go   Round the cow  and salute the cow  by chanting   this stotra:-

Gavaam angeshu   thishtanthi   bhuvanaani    chathurdasa,
Yasmath thasmath  chivam   may  syatha   yiha loke   parathra  cha.

Since all  the fourteen worlds   are  inside  the limbs  of the cow,
Let it grant me   joy  in this   world and   in heavens.

Vedas   also  assert that  all the five great sins   would   go away  by doing this.

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